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At Link Café, we always love to hear from other digital marketers, and business interested in improving their own online presence, or helping others to do so. 

Contributing An Article

We’re all about contributing to other blogs and online magazines, so we’re open to accepting articles around digital marketing and SEO.

Let us be clear,  does that mean you can place a guest post for free? Yes, it does! Does that mean we accept everything? No.

We’re looking for articles that add real value to other digital marketers and people looking to learn more about SEO.  

What We're Looking For

We like articles on the following topics:

  • SEO and Paid advertising tips, news and how-tos
  • Social media marketing
  • Case studies
  • Digital marketing software reviews

We want to see unique articles of 800+ words, using headings and sub headings, and including links to authoritative sources.

If you’re ready to contribute a guest post to Link Café, please use the web form to submit a topic, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to approve your article title.